International Programme on Chemical Safety

Integrated Risk Assessment

Historically, human health and environmental risk assessment methodologies have generally developed independently. Regulatory agencies often use a chemical-by-chemical approach, focusing on a single media, a single source, and a single toxic endpoint. Many international and national organizations have expressed a need for an integrated, holistic approach to risk assessment that addresses real life situations of multichemical, multimedia, multiroute, and multispecies exposures. In response to this need, the International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS) convened a group of international scientific experts to develop approaches for a framework for integrated risk assessment.

The following scientific publication also makes a good introduction to the subject. Damstra, T et al (2003) Integrated Risk Assessment- Results from an International Workshop. Human & Ecological Risk Assessment 9(1): 379-386

Case study

To demonstrate the practical applications of the international framework, a case study of nonylphenol has been prepared. The preparation of this case study examines the benefits and obstacles to using an integrated approach when compared to independently conducted human health and environmental assessments for nonylphenol.