International Programme on Chemical Safety

INTOX Network

The poisons centre and clinical toxicology world is rather a small one, yet within it resides a great deal of knowledge and experience on the diagnosis and management of poisoning, and on poisons centre operations. IPCS established the INTOX Network to provide a means to tap into this knowledge and experience for the shared benefit of all.

The INTOX network links together more than 200 specialists in over 75 countries. Members work in poisons centres, clinical treatment units, analytical toxicology laboratories and chemical incident response services. The network also includes members who are trying to establish a poisons centre in their own country.

Many members are also members of other poisons centre and toxicology networks and therefore the potential extent of the INTOX network is truly global.

Members of the INTOX Network communicate through a closed e-mail discussion group called INTOX-General. Occasionally on this page you will see a question that has been posed to the group. If you are able to assist you are invited to send information on the query.

To promote communication within the poisons centre community, IPCS maintains a world directory of poisons centres, called YellowTox. This is based upon the original YellowTox directory compiled by the World Federation of Associations of Poisons Centres and Clinical Toxicology Centres, in collaboration with the European Association of Poisons Centres and Clinical Toxicologists, and published by the Centre Anti-Poisons de Belgique.