International Programme on Chemical Safety


IPCS Environmental Health Criteria 1: Mercury

Please note that these corrigenda have been incorporated in the electronic versions of the document.

Page 116: Table 5 should read as follows:

Table 5. The time-weighted average air concentrations associated with the earliest effects in the most sensitive adults following long-term exposure to elemental mercury vapour. The table also lists the equivalent blood and urine concentrations (a)

(µg/100 ml) 
Earliest effects  
horizontal rule
0.05  3.5  150  non-specific symptoms  
0.1-0.2   7-14   300-600   tremor  

(a) Blood and urine values may be used on a group basis owing to gross individual variations. Furthermore, these average values reflect exposure only after exposure for a year or more. After shorter periods of exposure, air concentrations would be associated with lower concentrations in blood and urine.