International Programme on Chemical Safety


IPCS Environmental Health Criteria 14: Ultraviolet radiation

Please note that these corrigenda have been incorporated in the electronic versions of the document.

Page 24, Table 1:
For the term Radiant Energy, the definition of a joule should read:
1 joule = 1 watt second (not 1 watt per 1 second)

For the term Radiant Flux, the definition should read:
dQe, not dQ
dt           dt

Page 56, line 23:
Delete: 8-methylpsoralen Insert: 8-methoxypsoralen

Page 89, Table 12:
Duration of exposure per day
- Delete: 3h
- Insert: 8h

Page 92, line 29:
Delete: 0.75 %
Insert: 0.75