International Programme on Chemical Safety


IPCS Environmental Health Criteria 215: Vinyl Chloride

Please note that these corrigenda have been incorporated in the electronic versions of the document.

The EHC on vinyl chloride has adopted the tradition that standardized mortality ratios are expressed as 100 ·observed/ expected. However, in Table 39, the other convention (expressing SMR = observed/expressed) was inadvertently used. The table therefore should read as follows:

Table 39. Summary of findings on selected neoplasms for the epidemiological studies on workers exposed to VC

Table 39 (cont'd)

a Lymphoma and malignant myeloma; b as reported in original paper; c All respiratory neoplasms; d calculated by the Task Group. All studies except Laplanche et al. (1992) who did not provide observed and expected values.  

For the same reason, on page 209, 5th para, 3rd line should read: observed, 5.7 expected cases, SMR 193) was observed in Marghera. In