International Programme on Chemical Safety


IPCS Environmental Health Criteria 224: Arsenic and arsenic compounds (2nd edition)

Please note that these corrigenda have been incorporated in the electronic versions of the document.

Page 13, Table 2:

The CAS number for arsenenous acid should read 13768-07-5, rather than 13768-07-05.

Page 34, Section 4.1.1, 2nd paragraph: The last four lines should read:

... the Olympic National Park, Washington (USA) to range from 76.7 to 208 µg/m2. The average annual wet deposition of arsenic at Chesapeake bay (Maryland, USA) was found
to be 49 µg As/m2 (Scudlark et al., 1994).

Page 261, Table 31, 3rd column:

Delete the words: "Significant at p≤0.05 level"

Page 263, Section 8.5, Table 31 : Replace the existing table with:

Page 311, Table 34, entry for the ecological study on 4 townships in BFD-endemic area in Taiwan, 3rd column, should read: