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Malaria in the Bahamas

Between January and March 2008, there have been reports of cases of P. falciparum in 2 tourists who visited Great Exuma, Bahamas.

The Bahamas have a very low prevalence of Anopheles mosquitoes, the vector of malaria, and malaria is usually not endemic on the islands. However, some cases were previously reported in Great Exuma over the past 2 years.

The Ministry of Health, with support from PAHO/WHO Country Office and Regional Office for the Americas is currently carrying out intensive surveillance activities, aimed at diagnosis and treatment.

WHO recommends travellers who have visited Great Exuma since January 2008 to be screened for malaria should they develop a fever within 3 months of leaving the area.

In addition, travellers staying overnight on Great Exuma should protect themselves against mosquito bites.