International travel and health

Temporary Yellow Fever vaccination requirements for International Travellers related to current outbreaks in Africa

25 July 2016

Temporary WHO advices as well as country requirements for international travellers related to current outbreaks are listed below (see International Travel and Health, Annex 1 for yellow fever requirements applicable during routine period).

Temporary WHO advice for International Travellers

Due to the current yellow fever situation, yellow fever vaccination is recommended for all travellers, and especially migrant workers, to and from Angola and DRC.

Temporary country requirements for International Travellers


“For travellers (Resident/Non-Resident) coming from an active Yellow Fever transmission outbreak country or travellers who have recently visited (within 24 days) an active Yellow Fever transmission outbreak country the following instructions will be applied:

I. Entry will be allowed to a traveller (Resident / Non-Resident) who at arrival presents:

  • A valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate and
  • Without fever (less than 38.5° C) and
  • Consents to self-report for any symptoms for 6 days

II. Travellers (Resident/ Non-Resident) who have a fever (≥38.5 °C) on arrival will be allowed to enter in Rwanda if he/she consents to isolation and further investigation to assure the absence of Yellow Fever”.
See full text here.


“All travellers in and out of the country must be vaccinated against yellow fever. No traveller shall be allowed into or out of the country without proof of vaccination.“
See full text here.