Knowledge management and health

Department of Knowledge Management and Sharing (KMS) at headquarters

Evidence & Networks for Health (ENH)

The Evidence and Network for Health team is responsible for all aspects of the KMS mandate of promoting better use of evidence in health decision-making and policy development through building networks, capacity and collaborative platforms at both regional and global levels that promotes: the systematic use of the most reliable health research evidence in policy-making and the partnerships between policy-makers, researchers and civil society. The Department hosts and the EHN Unit manages the global network of WHO collaborating centres providing support to WHO to meet two main needs, implementing WHO’s mandated work and developing and strengthening institutional capacity in countries. Furthermore, the department coordinates the WHO expert advisory panels and committees, which is a mechanism established by WHA through which the Organization obtains technical guidance and support from experts within a particular subject. The Unit will implement its activities and projects building on the expertise and experience of WHO staff and those in member states which represent the collective intellectual assets of those working in global health. The ENH team will link these assets in virtual networks and communities to bring value and reduce cost.

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