Dr Sarah Louise Barber

Director of WHO Kobe Centre

WHO Kobe Centre

Dr Sarah Louise Barber is a health economist and policy specialist, and holds doctorate and post-doctorate qualifications from the University of California, Berkeley, USA, focusing on economic evaluation. Before becoming Director of the WHO Kobe Centre, she worked on strategic policy issues with the World Health Organization, including as Senior Health Policy Advisor in the Office of the Regional Director for Africa, WHO Representative to South Africa, Team Leader for Health Systems Development in China, and Health Policy Advisor in Indonesia and Cambodia. Prior to working with WHO in China, she was managing evaluation research at the University of California Berkeley’s Institute of Business and Economic Research, and the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico.

In South Africa, China, Indonesia, and Mexico, she developed programs of technical cooperation and research to advance reforms to achieve universal health coverage. Over the past 25 years, she has published widely on diverse topics in health economics and policy analysis, including the role of the private health care sector, conditional cash transfers, human resources, insurance and provider payment reforms, quality of care assessments, policies for essential medicines, monitoring and evaluation, migration, and fiscal policies.

A native English speaker, she enjoys learning languages and has studied Spanish, Khmer, Thai, and Indonesian.