Global Forum on Innovation for Ageing Populations
10-12 December 2013

The WHO Kobe Centre organized the WHO Global Forum on Innovation for Ageing Populations in Kobe, from 10 to 12 December 2013.

Ensuring that rapidly ageing populations remain healthy, productive and independent for as long as possible, requires innovations that meet the greatest needs, and which are safe, effective, affordable, accessible and available, and acceptable to the user.

During the Forum, a wide variety of stakeholders addressed the current needs for technological and social innovation to support healthy ageing, and reviewed specific examples related to assistive technologies to promote wellness, independence and mobility, including care at home; medical technologies targeted to prevent functional and cognitive decline; and ageing-in-place innovations for community based care and home based care systems.

A total of 172 participants from 21 countries attended the Global Forum, including representatives from governments (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand), private healthcare sectors, non-profit organizations, research labs and academic institutions, as well as international organizations such as the OECD and the World Bank.

The conclusions of the meeting will allow WHO and the WHO Kobe Centre to articulate their research agenda and policy guidance with current and future global public health trends pertaining to social and technological innovation for ageing.

Report of the WHO Global Forum on Innovation for Ageing Populations
10-12 December 2013, Kobe, Japan

The Global Forum provided opportunities of rich discussion and debate, in order to meet the following objectives: exchange information, views and lessons from key operations and health systems research concerning technological and social innovations for ageing populations; highlight findings and solutions through specific examples of successful, scaled-up innovations; and identify key future priorities for WHO and its partners in support of innovations for ageing populations.

The Report provides a synthesis of the presentations, debates, and conclusions of the Global Forum on Innovation for Ageing Populations.

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