Publication on JAGES HEART

May 2014

WHO Kobe Centre and its research collaborators recently published a special issue of the Japanese “Journal of Health Care and Society” on the theme of visualization of health inequalities and social capital. It features a series of articles about how the Japan Gerontological Evaluation Study (JAGES) and WHO’s Urban Health Equity Assessment and Response Tool (Urban HEART) both informed the development of a benchmark system for kaigo yobo, or the prevention of older persons from becoming dependent on long-term care, in Japan. The project to develop the benchmark system was funded by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The WHO Kobe Centre contributed a paper to this special issue about the development of Urban HEART and the core indicators for Age-friendly Cities to highlight some of the instruments developed by the Centre to promote the measurement of health inequalities and the translation of that evidence into multisectoral actions.

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