Six steps of Urban HEART

Urban HEART can be implemented in six simple steps. The steps are designed to be followed in order. Some steps may need to be revisited and repeated as Urban HEART is intended to be a cyclical process.

Key issues to remember are to adopt an inclusive approach engaging different sectors and community groups, and the generation and use of good quality evidence for identifying priorities.

STEP 1: Build an inclusive team

  • The goal is to build political commitment to pursue a health equity agenda for your city. Building an inclusive team may be the most time-consuming step in the Urban HEART process, yet it may also be the most important step. Core activities include partnership building, education and advocacy.
  • Obtain buy-in from influential champions.
  • Raise awareness in other sectors about the importance and relevance of Urban HEART.
  • Form a core team of individuals who will have dedicated time to implement Urban HEART. Promote the sustainability of the use of the tool by integrating Urban HEART into existing structures and responsibilities