The 21st Meeting of the Advisory Committee Report

The 21st Meeting of the Advisory Committee for the WKC (ACWKC) met on 16-17 November, last year in Kobe, Japan. Established in 1996, the ACWKC meets annually to discuss the research program of the WKC and strategic priorities. Membership is comprised of representatives from each of the WHO Regions the host country, the local area, and the Kobe Group.

The meeting discussed progress on the Center’s strategic objectives for 2016-17; research achievements to advance UHC, ageing related metrics, innovations, capacity building activities and the knowledge hub. A special lunch session was organized to present the Center’s dementia research project. At the end of the meeting, a technical discussion was held on monitoring UHC in light of population ageing. The Committee recommended developing a long-term research plan and quality assurance strategy to improve the relevance and quality of the Center’s research.