“What the world and Japan will be like in 2050”
High School Students discuss global affairs

On February 3 2018, the WHO Kobe Centre, along with the Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education and Osaka University, organized the WKC forum “High School Students’ Day: Let’s Discuss International Relations”. About 450 students participated, mainly from high schools in Hyogo prefecture, and shared their views of what the world and Japan would look like in 2050.

In the keynote speech entitled, “The World and Japan in 2050, A Model for the World ”, Mr Shinjiro Nozaki, External Relations Officer of the WHO Kobe Centre said, “I do not think we need to be pessimistic. Japan has been a world leader while also being super-ageing society and has learnt many precious lessons on how to adapt. Japan will show the world how an ageing society can be a healthy society where people enjoy their lives.”

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