Japan has the highest life expectancy
- the World Health Statistics 2017 report

Japan’s average life expectancy at birth is still the highest in the world, with 83.7 years, according to the World Health Statistics 2017 report, released by WHO on May 17th.

This average, however, reveals clear gender differences with 6 years difference in life expectancy at birth between women and men. Women in Japan enjoy 86.8 years life expectancy at birth, putting them at the first rank among all WHO member states. Japanese men in the other end, with an average life expectancy of 80.5 years at par with men in Italy, lag behind Switzerland (81.3 years), Iceland (81.2 years), Australia (80.9 years), Sweden (80.7 years) and Israel (80.6 years).

More information can be found in The World Health Statistics, one of WHO’s annual flagship publications, that compiles data from the organization’s 194 Member States on 21 health-related SDG targets, and provides a snapshot of both gains and threats to the health of the world’s people.