Hidden cities: Unmasking and overcoming health inequities in urban settings

WHO, UN Habitat

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Number of pages: 126
Publication date: 2010
Languages: English, French


Executive Summary


Hidden cities highlights the challenges and opportunities urbanization brings and its effect on the well-being of all urbanites. While it is generally understood that city dwellers on average, enjoy better health than their rural counterparts, very little is nown about health differences that exist within cities. The report Hidden Cities reveals the urban health inequities that are the result of the circumstances in which people grow, live, work and age, and the health systems they can access. No city – large or small, rich or poor, east or west, north or south – has been show to be immune to the problem of health inequity. The future of our urban world has yet to be realized, but brings both a price and a promise. To what extent we will pay the price, as opposed to fulfilling the promise is in our hands.

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Part one: The dawn of an urban world

Chapter 1. The rise of modern cities
Chapter 2. Health in an urban context

Part two: Unmasking hidden cities

Chapter 3. Urban health inequity and why it matters
Chapter 4. Urban health inequities revealed
Chapter 5. Achieving the Millennium Development Goals
Chapter 6. Urban governance for reducing health inequities

Part three: Overcoming urban health inequities

Chapter 7. Building an evidence base for action
Chapter 8. Taking action
Conclusion: The price and the promise of our urban world