Leprosy elimination

District databases

Expected outputs from the district analysis

The quality of analysis that the computer based database can provide depends entirely on the accuracy of the district level data recorded, whether all districts are included, and how regularly the data is updated. Provided all the relevant data is recorded, the system can be a very powerful management tool for any elimination control programme. Using district level data as the basic building block of the information system, national programme managers will be able to:

  • rapidly access relevant data such as prevalence, new case detection, grade 2 disability, etc. at a district, regional or national level, presenting the data in tabular format, graphically as a chart, or geographically as a map
  • analyse whether the type and quantities of multidrug therapy (MDT) in stock are adequate for the existing caseload, in a given geographical area
  • identify under-served, difficult to access, or problem areas that may benefit from special action projects
  • produce easy to understand graphics presentations for decision makers and the donor community
  • monitor the progress being made towards elimination nationally, regionally and at a district level.