Leprosy elimination

Leprosy Elimination Monitoring (LEM)

Monitoring MDT services

The monitoring has to be repeated in order to assess the impact of interventions and changes over time. These studies are carried out by independent ‘MDT monitors’. The monitors discuss and develop the monitoring design, in collaboration with the national programme manager and WHO.

Selecting areas to be visited

They are responsible for visiting selected ‘units’ and for collecting and compiling information through standardised methods. They report on their findings to the national programme managers and WHO and their role is not limited to information gathering - they also assist in identifying potential problems in the existing supply system.

This very important step is organised in two different ways:

  • For countries where sufficient information is already available, selection of districts and health facilities can be made by WHO/LEP and proposed to the national authorities for approval.
  • For other countries, monitors will have to make the selection after collecting all relevant information at the central level.

In any case, national programme managers and monitors have to organise details of the study, including the plan of work and time-table.

Analysis and reporting

Analysis and reporting is done at the health facility and at a higher level of administration. Final reports, including summary tables and graphics, are discussed and finalised with the national programme manager. Information collected in the field is consolidated with information available at the central level.