Leprosy elimination

Mortality in leprosy

Mortality in leprosy is often not considered important since the disease is rarely an immediate cause of death. However, leprosy patients are exposed to increase mortality risks due to its indirect effects.

In a study in Cebu, Philippines (Guinto et al, 1954), it was found that the mortality rate for lepromatous patients was four times more as compared with the general population, and that the situation for non-lepromatous patients was very similar to that of the general population.

A comparative study of lepromatous patients, non-lepromatous patients, and the general population from the same rural area in South India (Noordeen, 1972b) showed that the standardized death rate for lepromatous patients was three-and-a-half times that of the general population, the non-lepromatous patients themselves having a mortality risk which was twice that of the general population. In that population, leprosy was found to contribute to about 1% of all deaths.