Leprosy elimination

Leprosy: global situation

WHO collects statistics on a regular basis from all member states on the prevailing leprosy situation, using data prepared by the national leporosy elimination programme, situated within the Ministry of Health. This data includes any information submitted to the MoH from non-government organizations (NGOs) working with the national programme. Rates of prevalence and new case detection (shown in parentheses) were calculated based on population data from United Nations Population Division (2006 Revision).

By mid-2012, statistical reports on the leprosy situation prevailing in 2011 were received from 105 countries/territories and include the following indicators:

  • registered prevalence and new case detection in previous year
  • prevalence and detection rates
  • prevalence and detection ratios
  • proportion of MB, female, child and Grade 2 disability cases in overall new case detection during the previous year

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Global and regional maps and tables

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