Leprosy elimination

WHO Global Strategy Report 2006-2010

WHO's Global Strategy 2006-2010 highlights how future efforts must continue to focus on integrating leprosy into the general health services and ensuring multidrug therapy (MDT) is made available in all primary health centres, to enable patients to be diagnosed and treated as close as possible to their homes.

Health workers at all levels must be taught the simple methods required to diagnose leprosy, and a positive environment must be created in order to reduce the stigma that has historically surrounded the disease. Leprosy needs to be seen in the same light as any other curable disease.

WHO's role in the next five years should be to help decision-makers, health providers and communities feel that there is no need to be afraid of leprosy, that it can be cured, and that the MDT treatment is available free.

All the techniques at our disposal must be deployed to make communities demand their human right to live in a world without leprosy.

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