Lymphatic filariasis


Several gaps still exist in the understanding and measuring the elimination of LF and knowing the most efficient strategies to help countries reach this target. The following issues are priority:

  • Evaluation of new combinations of medicines for use in MDA and frequencies of distribution which are more effective than and as safe as current regimens.
  • Modelling of potential new MDA regimens to estimate long-term efficacy and number of rounds required to meet elimination targets
  • Development of new programmatic tools for planning, implementing, and monitoring PC distribution for the purpose of enhancing coverage of MDA
  • Development and standardization of cost-effective strategies for post elimination surveillance including new diagnostic tests to measure infection and exposure in both humans and vectors
  • Development of efficient strategies for quantifying number of lymphedema and hydrocele patients at sub-national level
  • Development of new medicines or treatment regimens to reverse or stop progression of clinical disease
  • Advocacy for sustaining MDA and MMDP in countries where it is already being implemented and for starting it in countries where it has not yet been introduced
Courtesy of Indonesia and GSK

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