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Many countries have endorsed the findings of the Commission of Macroeconomics and Health (CMH) Report as they review it in relation to their country’s health and economic needs. The World Health Organization (WHO)’s macroeconomics and health work in countries is intended to help governments examine health in relation to the macroeconomic environment and establish options for scaling up investment and actions, while at the same time addressing the reforms needed to achieve more equitable and better health for all. The macroeconomics and health process in countries aims to:

  • Support politicians, health, finance and planning ministers, academic groups, senior figures from the private sector, donor partners, and representatives from civil society as they examine the findings of the CMH Report and its implications for the economic and health challenges that lie ahead.
  • Endorse sound macroeconomic and health analyses designed to re-evaluate policies for investing in health and re-invigorate national plans for achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Help create channels for financial and technical assistance to governments and their partners and lay the groundwork for building stronger alliances within countries. These actions will catalyse the ability of governments to plan and implement investment in order to improve the health of the poor more rapidly and in a sustainable way.

Macroeconomics and health work is carried out in line with three themes:

  • Achieve better health for the poor
  • Increase investments in health
  • Progressively eliminate non-financial constraints.

National Macroeconomics and Health Reports

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