Macroeconomics and Health (CMH)

Scaling up investment in health -
Country responses to the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health report

Participants list

56th World Health Assembly
Briefing to Country Delegations and NGOs on Scaling up Investment in Health: Country Responses to the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health
Geneva, Palais des Nations, 21 May 2003

Name Title Organization
Afriyie K. Minister Ministry of Health, Ghana
Ahmed K. Chief Medical Officer Ministry of Health, Ghana
Akbari M.E. Deputy Minister, Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Health
Akosa A. B. Director General Ghana Health Service
Alomatu M.A. First Secretary Permanent Mission Ghana
Amensisa J. Health Service Team Leader Ministry of Health, Ethiopia
Anikpo E. Director WHO/AFRO, Healthy Environments and Sustainable Development
Attou R. Representative UNAIDS/CRD Africa
Auamkul N. Director Bureau of Technical Advisors, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
Bahaudin N. Department of Planning Ministry of Health, Indonesia
Baker B. K. Professor of Law Health Global Access Projects
Bambas A . Coordinator Global Equity Gauge Alliance
Baraen A. Representative Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Berger M. Senior Advisor, Public Health Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Bergevin Y. Chief, Health UNICEF
Blanc L. Acting Coordinator World Metereological Organization
Block Tyrrell S. External Relations Officer WHO/HQ/Communicable Diseases
Bumgarner R. Consultant WHO/Coordination of Macroeconomics and Health
Chamchan C. Officer WHO/HQ/Poverty and Health Financing
Charpan Y. Senior Policy Adviser WHO/EURO/Regional Director’s Office
Chia L. Economics Affairs Officer UN Conference on Trade and Development
Chowdhary Z. Project Coordinator Gonoshasthaya Kendra /People’s Health Movement, Bangladesh
Cook J. Executive MEDACT
Corsi A. Student Emory University
De Putter J. Technical Officer WHO/HQ/Cooperation and Country Focus
Ferazzi S. Partnerships Officer WHO/HQ/Coordination of Macroeconomics and Health
Freedman L. Professor Columbia University/ Millennium Development Project
Gayer M. Medical Officer WHO/HQ/Communicable Diseases
Giol D. Technical Officer WHO/Civil Society Initiative
Hamid A.Y. President Indonesia Nursing Association, PPNI, Indonesia
Hanvolavongchai P. Researcher International Health Policy Program, Thailand
Hoareau de Montrose, J.P. Correspondent Deutsche Welle-Africa
Ikeda C. Deputy Director Office of Life-related Diseases, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan
Jancloes M. Consultant WHO/Sustainable Development and Healthy Environments
Janovsky K. Director WHO Office at the World Bank
Jett-Ali J. Representative Medical Care Development International
Keith R. Health Policy Advisor Save the Children
Khamkhoeva Z. Communications Assistant WHO/HQ/Coordination of Macroeconomics and Health
Kyeremateng K.A. Chair Parliamentary Committee, Parliament of Ghana
Lamy P. WHO Representative WHO/Costa Rica
Landon C. Technical Officer WHO/HQ/Cooperation and Country Focus
Laterveer L. Project Officer WEMOS
Laubner J. Associate Director, International Policy BMS
Leonardi M. Medical Officer WHO/HQ/Health Financing and Stewardship
Leotsakos A. Communications Officer WHO/Coordination of Macroeconomics and Health
Lesie W. Head Family Health Services, Ministry of Health, Lesotho
Leus X. Director WHO/HQ/Cooperation and Country Focus
Masaiganah M.S. Coordinator, East and Central Africa People’s Health Movement
Mertens P. Coordinator WHO/ HQ/Cooperation and Country Focus/UN and Inter-governmental Agencies
Metreveli L. President Georgian Public Health Association
Monaheng M. Director Administration Lesotho AIDS Programme Coordinating Authority
Morton P. Member Public Health Association, Australia
N'dour M. Responsible Credit International Development Association Ministry of Health, Senegal
Nicknam M. Director-General International Relations Ministry of Health, Islamic Republic of Iran
O’Connell T. Technical Officer WHO/HQ/Coordination of Macroeconomics and Health
Ouedraogo G. Senior Programme Officer Global Alliance for Women’s Health
Paalman M. Consultant Royal Tropical Institute, Netherlands
Paranietharan N. Project Officer Health Action International, Asia and the Pacific
Perera S. Representative Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka
Pertaus N. Second Secretary Permanent Mission Mauritius
Pezeshkian M. Minister of Health Ministry of Health, Islamic Republic of Iran
Qué N. Sub-regional Coordinator Health Action International, Africa
Quoidbach V. Liaison officer UNDP
Ramatlaps T. Director of Health Ministry of Healh and Social Welfare, Lesotho
Ramotsoari T. J. Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health, Lesotho
Rossukon K. Chief Policy Section, Bureau of Policy and Strategy, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
Rowson M. Director MEDACT
Sattar Y. Director WHO/SEARO/Sustainable Environments and Healthy Environments
Schemionek K. Medical Officer WHO/HQ/Communicable Diseases
Shiva M. Director Women, Health and Development/International People’s Health Council
Shodu L. K. Vice President The Vaccine Fund
Simon J. AIESEC Professional WHO/HQ/Food Safety
Skold M. Technical Officer WHO/HQ/Cooperation and Country Focus
Taffese H. Assistant WHO/Coordination od Macroeconomics and Health
Tang K.C. Senior Professional Officer WHO/HQ/National and Community Programmes
Temple Brown N. External Relations Officer WHO Liaison Office, Washington
Tijtuma A. Anthropologist WEMOS
Udumalagala N. Representative People’s Health Movement, Sri Lanka
Vandeputte J. Vice-President The Vaccine Fund
Veerapen R. Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, Mauritius
Verheul E. Project Manager WEMOS
Wallstrom E. Director WHO/HQ/Civil Society Initiative
Watanee J. Director Thai Eye Institute
Woodward D. Consultant --
Yang L. AIESEC Professional Evidence for Health Policy
Zhenying W. Volunteer Reporter International Conference Volunteers