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  • Fifty-sixth World Health Assembly: Geneva, Switzerland, 19-28 May 2003
  • Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, 59th Commission Session: Bangkok, Thailand, 24-30 April 2003. The theme topic of the session is "Integrating economic and social concerns especially HIV/AIDS, in meeting the needs of the region".
  • OECD Forum 2003: Paris, France, 28-29 April 2003. Including the topic "Poverty, health and sustainable development" and a session on sustainable development and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation.
  • Global Health Council, "Our Future on Common Ground: Health and the Environment": Washington, DC, 27-30 May 2003. Including topics on globalization and development, social environment and health, demographics, economy, governance cultural patterns, social networks and community organizations.
  • G8 Summit: Evian, France, 2-6 June 2003. Including a theme on solidarity, with particular emphasis on the Partnership for Africa's development, and access to water for all.

The MacroHealth Newsletter is issued regularly by e-mail to partners and associates as an update on MacroHealth activities. Subscribers are invited to submit their views or synopsis of activities on macroeconomics and health -- 100 to 150 words in length -- for possible inclusion in the Newsletter. This will help ensure that this electronic Newsletter remains a forum for sharing ideas, information and news on MacroHealth actions at the country level.

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