Macroeconomics and Health (CMH)

MacroHealth Newsletter

No. 12, January 2005


African partnership for health development promotes evidence, learning and action

The African Council for Sustainable Health Development (ACOSHED), a partnership between African civil society, governments, private sector, and development partners, is working to promote sustainable health development in Africa through advocacy, supporting operational research and policy change towards stronger health systems. At the Forum 8 in Mexico City, Dr Lola Dare, ACOSHED Executive Secretary, presented a case study of Ondo State, Nigeria, where ACOSHED worked with the State government following the April 2003 State elections. A Health Sub-Committee was set up within the new Policy, Planning and Implementation Committee and charged with developing a blueprint to improve health sector performance, advising the administration on modalities for its implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and integrating this into the state's Economic Empowerment and Development Agenda.

The work stressed the central role of evidence in policy development and implementation. Extensive health and economic studies were carried out, providing input into a Strategic Plan towards developing a sustainable, equitable health care system. The experience highlighted the role of civil society organizations as brokers of evidence for action and change and the importance of partnerships for health systems strengthening. In its role as convenor of various stakeholders, ACOSHED facilitates coalitions and partnerships for change. For more information about ACOSHED, please see