The microscopic diagnosis of malaria

November 2009

This CD-ROM was developed by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with technical contribution from an independent group of experts convened by WHO.

It aims to improve competence in confirming malaria infection with optical microscopy and is intended for microscopists, laboratory technicians and trainers involved in teaching malaria microscopy in endemic countries as well as in malaria-free countries.

It is designed as a training aid for use by an instructor in a class-room setting or for self-instruction, and contains photos of microscopy of human malaria parasites as well as resource documents.

Downloading the CD-ROM

Because of its size, the CD-ROM can be downloaded as a single complete file or in two parts:

  • Complete CD-ROM (zip 65 Mb)
    The content of the zip file must be extracted before use. Double-click on Start-Course.html to launch the programme.
  • CD-ROM part 1 (zip 34 Mb)
  • CD-ROM part 2 (zip 31 Mb)
    The content of the two zip files must be extracted before use and the folder "html" (part 2) must be placed inside the folder "exe" (part 1) to reassemble the CD-ROM. Double-click on Start-Course.html to launch the programme.

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