Online consultation for the draft post-2015 global technical strategy for malaria: Accelerating progress towards elimination

11 July 2014

Following support from Member States at the 66th World Health Assembly to develop a draft global malaria strategy for the post-2015 period, seven regional consultations were held to gather input from more than 400 experts representing national malaria programmes, ministries of health, research organizations and implementing partners.

The process has been led by the Secretariat and supported by both the Malaria Policy Advisory Committee and a dedicated Steering Committee of leading malaria experts, scientists and representatives of countries where malaria is endemic.

Following the consultations, a revised draft was prepared for this open online web consultation of Member States, consultation participants and malaria stakeholders. Further inputs from WHO Regional Offices and the Regional Committee meetings will be incorporated before submission for discussion at the 136th meeting of the Executive Board to the World Health Assembly.

Deadline for responding

The online consultation closed on 15 August 2014.

The global technical strategy

The draft post-2015 malaria strategy provides a framework to develop tailored programmes to accelerate progress towards malaria elimination for whole countries and sub-national areas. It defines a clear and ambitious path for endemic countries and global malaria partners, and milestones for the next 15 years. It emphasizes the need to achieve universal coverage of the core package of malaria interventions for all populations at risk and highlights the importance of using real-time data for decision-making to drive responses consistent with national or sub-national goals. The draft strategy identifies where innovative solutions will be essential to fully achieve the strategy’s goals, and describes the financial implications of strategy implementation. The document also references key WHO-recommended guidance documents and will be updated regularly to incorporate significant innovations in tools and approaches.