A word from the experts

Hear from some of the world-renowned researchers that guide WHO’s malaria policies

Members of the Malaria Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC) serve in an independent and personal capacity and represent a broad range of disciplines, expertise, and experience encompassing many aspects of malaria control and elimination.

Previous interviews

An inside look at how WHO develops global malaria guidance

Dr Marsh is Senior Advisor at the African Academy of Sciences in Nairobi, Kenya, and professor of tropical medicine at Oxford University. He is a member of several international advisory committees relating to malaria and to global health research.

A physician at the front lines of the malaria fight

Dr Binka has more than 3 decades of experience in public health and medicine. Over the last 15 years he has served on more than a dozen of WHO’s expert committees. He currently serves as Coordinator of the Mekong Malaria Elimination programme.

A career dedicated to helping women fight malaria

Dr Leke is Professor of Immunology and Parasitology at University of Yaounde in Cameroon. In 2012, she received an award from the Cameroon Professional Society for Excellence in Science.

A malaria fighter gets his boots dirty

Dr Tanner is Director of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute. He was coordinator of the first African malaria vaccine trial in 1992 and participated as co-principal investigator in several major intervention trials on malaria and schistosomiasis.