MPAC meetings

5–7 March 2015: Registration for this meeting is now open

MPAC meetings are held in open session; anyone from the global malaria community is welcome to attend, provided they register so that we can arrange for a temporary visitors pass to WHO Headquarters, where the meetings take place.

To register for the meeting, please email with your full name, title and institution. The deadline to register is 15 February 2015.

Please note that the meeting coincides with another large conference and hotels are already very full. A limited number of hotel rooms have been blocked at the Hotel IBIS Centre Nations. You must complete the reservation form and return it directly to the hotel no later than 30 January 2015. Bookings will be processed on a first-come first-served basis.

Discussions on 7 March will be held in closed session.

Future meetings

  • 16–18 September 2015
  • 16–18 March 2016
  • 14–16 September 2016

Previous meetings



MPAC welcomes agenda suggestions and feedback through – If appropriate, the relevant TEG or ERG will review the evidence before the subject is discussed in open session.