Current MPAC members

Doctor Elfatih Mohamed Malik

Minister of Health, Gezira, Sudan

Since May 2010 Dr Malik has been assigned by the Gezira State Waly to be the Minister of Health in the state. Together with his team and partners, he is currently involved in activities related to mother and child health, health area policy, disease control (mainly malaria and schistosomiasis), improving access to health services by family physicians, and environmental health and capacity building. He came to the Gezira State from the WHO office in Khartoum where he worked for a short period in 2010.

During the period 2001–2009 he worked at the headquarters of the federal Ministry of Health as the national malaria control programme manager, director of communicable disease control, deputy director general of preventive medicine and PHC directorate, and assistant Undersecretary of Health for PHC and preventive medicine. At the same time he was involved in undergraduate and postgraduate training at the University of Elnillin and at the Sudan Medical Specialization Board as a community medicine council rapporteur.

Together with his colleagues and partners at the national and state level, Dr Malik has developed a sustainable malaria control programme all over the Sudan. He has implemented evidence-based interventions, secured funds for these activities, and participated in regional and international meetings while being deeply involved in research as an investigator, supervisor and trainer. He has published over 20 articles as a first author.

Last updated: 15 December 2011