Training module on malaria control: Case management

August 2013



Publication details

Number of pages: 156 (Guide for participants), 104 (Guide for tutors)
Publication date: 2013
Languages: English, French, Portuguese
ISBN: 9789241503976 (Guide for participants), 9789241503983 (Guide for tutors)



This Training module on malaria control: Case management has been developed by WHO to improve the knowledge and skills of both health professionals involved in planning malaria case management as part of control and elimination programmes and clinicians managing malaria patients.

It is designed to provide guidance on all aspects of malaria case management including diagnostic testing, treatment of uncomplicated and severe malaria, management of malaria at primary health care and community levels, chemoprophylaxis, monitoring antimalarial drug resistance, and development and updating national malaria treatment policy. The module can be used both for in-service or pre-service training programmes. It uses a problem-solving approach to facilitate learning and it promotes practical applications, involving individual and team work.

The module is in two parts, the Guide for participants and the Guide for tutors:

  • The Guide for participants covers basic concepts and information, and includes a series of exercises to be carried out by the participants.
  • The Guide for tutors provides guidance for the facilitators as well as answers to the exercises.

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Este módulo de formação sobre gestão de casos de paludismo foi desenhado para fornecer orientações sobre todos os aspectos da gestão de casos de paludismo, incluindo testes de diagnóstico, tratamento do paludismo grave e não complicado, tratamento do paludismo em cuidados primários de saúde e na comunidade, quimioprofilaxia, monitorização da resistência aos antipalúdicos, e desenvolvimento e actualização da política nacional de tratamento do paludismo.

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