Indoor residual spraying: An operational manual for IRS for malaria transmission, control and elimination. Second edition

June 2015


Publication details

Number of pages: 134
Publication date: 2015
Languages: English
ISBN: 978 92 4 150894 0


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This manual was created to enhance existing knowledge and skills, and to assist malaria programme managers, entomologists and vector control and public health officers to design, implement and sustain high quality IRS programmes. Though comprehensive, it is is not intended to replace field expertise in IRS. This manual is divided into 3 chapters:

  • IRS policy, strategy and standards for national policy-makers and programme managers;
  • IRS management, including stewardship and safe use of insecticides, for both national programme managers and district IRS coordinators;
  • IRS spray application guidelines, primarily for district IRS coordinators, supervisors and team leaders.

The second edition has been updated to ensure all technical content is aligned with current WHO recommendations. It incorporates important safeguards for environmental and human toxicology compliance, an updated list of WHO recommended products for IRS, and the requirements for control flow valve equipment for quality spraying.

This manual will enable national programmes to:

  • develop or refine national policies and strategies on vector control;
  • develop or update existing national guidelines;
  • develop or update existing national training materials;
  • conduct safe and environmentally friendly IRS operation;
  • review access and coverage of IRS programmes;
  • review the quality and impact of IRS programmes.

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