A practical handbook on the pharmacovigilance of antimalarial medicines

March 2008

World Health Organization

Publication details

Number of pages: 120
Publication date: 2008
Languages: English
ISBN: 9789241547499



This is a detailed manual giving a step by step approach to undertaking the pharmacovigilance of antimalarials. It is intended to be a source of practical advice for Pharmacovigilance Centres. A number of WHO publications are available that provide a background to pharmacovigilance and, as far as possible, that material will not be repeated here. Health officials, planners, the staff of Pharmacovigilance Centres and all health workers should become familiar with these publications, which are:

  • Safety of medicines: A guide to detecting and reporting adverse drug reactions
  • The importance of pharmacovigilance: safety monitoring of medicinal products
  • Safety monitoring of medicinal products: guidelines for setting up and running a Pharmacovigilance Centre
  • The safety of medicines in public health programmes: pharmacovigilance an essential tool

These booklets are available free from Quality Assurance and Safety of Medicines, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland.