Malaria Policy Advisory Committee meeting report (October 2017)


cover of the MPAC report (October 2017)

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Number of pages: 19
Publication date: November 2017
Languages: English
WHO reference number: WHO/HTM/GMP/MPAC/2017.21



On 17-19 October 2017, the WHO Malaria Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC) convened to review updates and progress, and provide guidance with respect to specific thematic areas of work carried out by the Global Malaria Programme.

The meeting included 10 sessions focused on 18 topics: (1) the outcomes from an evidence review group (ERG) on low density infections; (2) the outcomes from an ERG on the deployment of piperonyl butoxide plus pyrethroids nets; (3) an update on malaria elimination in the Greater Mekong Subregion; (4) the outcomes from the drug efficacy and response technical expert group (TEG); (5) a response plan on pfhrp2 gene deletions; (6) an update on RTS,S pilot implementation; (7) an update on the malaria vaccine advisory committee; (8) an update on the vector control advisory group; (9) the outcomes of the ERG on comparative effectiveness of vector control tools; (10) a proposed ERG on border malaria; (11) an introduction to the WHO Research & Development Observatory; (12) a presentation on universal access to malaria core interventions ; (13) the results from the rapid access expansion programme on integrated community case management of malaria; (14)  a demonstration of the online mapping tool for insecticide resistance, antimalarial resistance and hrp2/3 deletion data; (15) the outcomes of the ERG on malaria in pregnancy outside of Africa; (16) an update on the establishment of the malaria elimination oversight committee (MEOC) and malaria elimination certification panel (MECP); (17) a proposed ERG on malaria mortality estimates; and (18) a review of the revised recommendations for achieving and maintaining universal coverage with long-lasting insecticidal nets in malaria control.

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