Malaria programme reviews: a manual for reviewing the performance of malaria control and elimination programmes

March 2010

World Health Organization

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Publication date: 2010
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Malaria control programme performance review (MPR) is an important public health programme management tool for countries striving to strengthen programme structures and systems and capacity to incrementally improve performance to scale up and sustain universal coverage with a mix of key interventions to all malaria risk populations.

The MPR is a periodic joint collaborative high-level programme management process for evaluation of progress and performance of country programmes within the national health and development agenda. The aim of the review/evaluation is to improve the operational performance and the strategic direction for scaling up delivery of mix of anti-malaria interventions in order to reduce malaria morbidity and mortality and overall transmission. The programme performance review helps to build effective and efficient malaria control programmes by identifying major achievements regards outcome and impact, best practices and lessons learnt, critical issues, priority problems, and investigates the causes of the problems and proposes solutions for more effective malaria service delivery. This then allows for programme re-design and strengthening structures, systems and capacity to achieve better performance regards, equity, coverage, quality and impact with service delivery of anti- malaria interventions.

The MPR process has four distinct phases with several steps and activities:

  • Phase 1. Planning programme review;
  • Phase 2. Internal thematic desk review;
  • Phase 3. Joint programme field review;
  • Phase 4. Final report and follow up of recommendations and updating policies, strategic and annual operational plans and programme re-design.

The WHO Malaria performance manual trial edition 2010 provides programmatic management guidance to all countries and Roll Back Malaria partners in planning, implementation and follow-up of malaria program reviews/evaluations. Please contact WHO/GMP in Headquarters or WHO Regional Offices for any questions, comments and feedback.

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