Management for health services delivery

Management of community health services: Overall management

For frontline managers

  • On Being in Charge: A Guide to Management in Primary Health Care
    Rosemary McMahon, Elizabeth Barton, and Maurice Piot, 1992
    Concepts, definitions, principles and main functions of management, health team, leading the health team, organizing, controlling and assessing work
    On page 3 of the above link, click on the blue headings to see the chapter details. ( 3 pages, pdf 52kb)
  • Healthy Villages: A guide for Communities and Community Health Workers
    Guy Howard, 2002, WHO
    Achieving good health; water; excreta disposal; drainage; solid waste management and chemical safety; housing quality; personal, domestic and community hygiene; promoting hygiene; providing health care; establishing committees for thy village programmes; supporting healthy village initiatives
    (Website with links to individual chapters - total 120 pages)
  • Handbook on Community-Led Total Sanitation
    pdf, 1.79Mb

    Kamal Kar with Robert Chambers, 2008, Plan UK and the Institute of Development Studies UK
    Pre-triggering, triggering, scaling up; facilitating community appraisal and analysis; community mapping for monitoring; look for, encourage and support women and natural leaders; recognise and encourage the role of religion and religious leaders; facilitate access to sanitary hardware; dos and Don’ts for training and spread; fostering pride and competition
    (99 pages, pdf 1.79MB)
  • Where There is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook
    David Werner, Carol Thuman and Jane Maxwell, 2006, The Hesperian Foundation
    This book was written for anyone who wants to do something about his or her own and other people’s health. However, it has been widely used as a training and work manual for community health workers. For this reason, an introductory section has been added for the health worker, making clear that the health worker’s first job is to share her knowledge and help educate people.
    (website with links to each chapter)