Management for health services delivery

Management of community health services: Overall management

Country experiences

  • Health Facility Committees: The Governance Issue
    pdf, 60kb

    Community Health Department, 2004, Aga Khan Health Service, Kenya
    Health facility committees and governance; strengthening health systems: genuine community representation, management capacity, managing revenues, information and quality of services; lessons learnt
    (8 pages, pdf 60kb)
  • Sustaining Community Based Health Initiatives
    pdf, 932kb

    Community Health Department, 2004, Aga Khan Health Service, Kenya
    Community participation; community health workers; water supply; drug supply; impact and lessons learned
    (8 pages, pdf 932kb)
  • Leading the Information Revolution in Kwale District
    pdf, 873kb

    Community Health Department, 2004, Aga Khan Health Service, Kenya
    Development and implementation of the Health Management Information Systems in the Kwale district of Kenya; prospects for replication, expansion and improvement and policy implications of a national HMIS. Resulted in readily available timely and accurate information, making it possible to respond to problems quickly; more effective targeting of programmes and funding; and more effective disease surveillance.
    (8 pages, pdf 873kb)
  • The Ghana Community-based Health Planning and Services Initiative for Scaling Up Service Delivery Innovation
    Frank K Nyonator, J Koku Awoonor-Williams, James F Phillips, Tanya C Jones and Robert A Miller, 2005, Health Policy and Planning; 20(1): 25–34
    Evidence-based policy development; bridges the gap between research and programme implementation; the Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) Initiative; mobilize volunteers, resources and cultural institutions for supporting community-based primary health care. This paper describes the implementation and the principles of scaling up organizational change.
    (10 pages, pdf 271kb)
  • Community-Based Initiatives in the Eastern Mediterrean Region
    pdf, 789kb

    WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, 2003
    Healthy villages; healthy cities; women in development
    (28 pages)
  • Shaping Livable Cities, Stories of Progress Around the World
    pdf, 631kb

    Editor: Kristina Taboulchanas, 2006, International Development Research Centre, Canada
    real-world examples of successful efforts to promote sustainable and equitable development, and to make a particular community, city or group of cities healthier and better places to live.
    (36 pages)