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Chile / Chili

  • Decentralization and equity of resource allocation: evidence from Colombia and Chile
    Thomas J. Bossert, Osvaldo Larran˜ aga, Ursula Giedion, Jose´ Jesus Arbelaez & Diana M. Bowser, 2003, Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2003;81:95-100
    Under certain conditions and with some specific policy mechanisms, decentralization can improve equity of resource allocation. Equitable levels of per capita financial allocations at the municipal level were achieved through different forms of decentralization — the use of allocation formulae, adequate local funding choices and horizontal equity funds. Findings on equity of utilization of services were less consistent, but they did show that increased levels of funding were associated with increased utilization.
    (6 pages, pdf 78KB)
  • Implementation of promotion and prevention activities in decentralized health systems: comparative case studies from Chile and Brazil
    Sarah Atkinson, Amélia Cohn, Maria Elena Ducci and Jasmine Gideon, 2005 Health Promot. Int. 20:167-175
    health system structures; partnerships and “intersectorality” and human resources issues. decentralised management allows variation in local implementation of policy; need for a “family health approach”; success factors: whether health systems are vertically or horizontally structured; awareness of prevention and promotion issues; bias towards urban areas; strategies to attract human resources to primary care and to rural areas; and the importance of local capacity building.
    (10 pages, pdf 389KB)
  • Organisation de la qualité: options pour des programmes nationaux
    David Nicholas, 2000, Projet d'Assurance Qualité (QA), USAID
    Organisation de la qualité: Renforcement des capacités et formation, Normes, Conception de qualité, Suivi et Amélioration de qualité. Expérience de divers pays en matiére d’organisation de qualité : Chili (pages 6-8), Equateur (pages 9-11), Niger (pages 12-15), Zambie (pages 16-19)
    (document total 24 pages, pdf 339 KB)

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