Management for health services delivery


  • Improving the Quality of Care
    Michelle Heerey, Alice Payne Merritt, Adrienne J. Kols, 2003, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for Communication Programs
    Quality of care, clinic management
  • Egyptian Hospital Accreditation Program: Standards, Sixth Edition
    pdf, 372kb

    2005, Partners for Health Reform
    A total of 716 standards in 3 categories: (69) critical standards, (322) core standards, and (325) non-core standards. To become accredited, a hospital must meet all the critical standards and reach a cumulative score of 85 percent on the core standards. The noncore standards constitute a more ambitious target that hospitals are encouraged to work toward; current accreditation requires hospitals to reach a cumulative score of 40 percent on the non-core standards. The standards are expected to serve as a catalyst for change and improvement in both the culture and practice of health care in Egypt.
    (71 pages, pdf 363KB)

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