Management for health services delivery


  • Quality in and Equality of Access to Healthcare Services: Executive Summary
    2008, European Commission
    Despite differences in health system size, structure and financing, evidence suggests that across Europe particular sections of the population are disproportionately affected by barriers to accessing healthcare. Difficulties in accessing healthcare are compounded by poverty and social exclusion, and that poverty and social exclusion compound difficulties in accessing healthcare.
    (12 pages, pdf 67KB)
  • Ninth Futures Forum on health systems governance and public participation
    2006, WHO Regional Office for Europe
    The Futures Forum focused on practical experiences and examples of best practice and problems in participating European countries related to health systems governance and public participation. The objective was to exchange and learn from experiences, with the aim of identifying the knowledge gaps on improving participation in health systems governance and promoting future planning and cooperation in public participation
    (40 pages, pdf 898KB)
  • European Portal for Action on Health Equity
    European Partners for Equity in Health
    A website where you can find recent examples of interventions and policies designed to reduce health inequalities in the countries of the European Union. This Portal for Action on Health Equity is the tool to use when planning local projects, understanding the policy context of these interventions and/or conducting exploratory research in the field of health inequalities.