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  • Unraveling the Factors behind the Growth of the Indonesian Family Planning Private Sector
    Chandani, Taara, Barbara O’Hanlon, and Sara Zellner , 2006, Private Sector Partnerships-One project, Abt Associates Inc.
    This case study documents Indonesia’s family planning experience with a view to understanding the factors and conditions that led to the remarkable growth in the private sector’s role in delivering family planning services.
    (webpage with link to 59 page document, pdf 559KB)
  • Implementing the UN learning strategy on HIV/AIDS : sixteen case studies
    UNAIDS/07.08E / JC1311E, 2007, Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)
    Case studies from sixteen countries: Botswana, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, India, Indonesia, Macedonia, Madagascar, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paraguay, Vienna (Austria), Viet Nam and Yemen. Presents each country’s unique experience in implementing the strategy and outlines lessons learned.
    (100 pages, pdf 1.02MB)
  • Tough Choices: Investing in Health for Development
    Sergio Spinaci, Louis Currat, Padma Shetty, Valerie Crowell, Jenni Kehler, 2006
    Synthesis of country experiences over three years of following up on the findings of the 2001 report of the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health (CMH). the main challenges that countries have faced with respect to improving health investment planning; policy implications along which the efforts of national policy-makers and planners, as well as development partners.
    (124 pages, 871KB)
  • Development of Clinical Performance Development and Management System
    WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia, 2009
    Nursing, midwives, quality of care, organization of services

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