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  • L'agrément en tant qu'outil d'amélioration de la qualité
    David Nicholas ; 1999 ; Projet d'Assurance Qualité (QA), USAID
    L’amélioration de la prestation de services de santé par l’agrément, l’autorisation d’exercer et la certification, l’expérience zambienne, L’autoréglementation des hôpitaux en Inde, amélioration de la mise en oeuvre de la PCIME.
    (36 pages, pdf 287 KB)
  • A Comparison of the Health Systems in China and India
    Sai Ma, Neeraj Sood, 2008, Rand Corporation, Centre for Asia Pacific Policy
    priority areas for reform in each country that can help improve the performance of each health system: restructure health care financing to reduce the burden of out-of-pocket medical care costs on individual patients; increase access to care, especially in rural areas; reduce dependence on fee-for-service contracts that promote overutilization of medical care; build capacity for addressing and monitoring emerging diseases; match hospital capabilities with local needs.
    (60 pages, pdf 394KB)
  • Lignes directrices pour la mise en oeuvre d’une supervision formative. Un guide point par point accompagné d’outils d'aide à la vaccination
    2003, PATH
    Lignes directrices pour la mise en oeuvre de la supervision formative. Étude de cas 1 (pages 19-20) : La supervision formative au niveau du district suite à la réforme du secteur de la santé en Tanzanie; Étude de cas 2 (pages 21-23): COPE® et la supervision facilitatrice au Kenya et en Guinée; Étude de cas 3 (pages 24-27) : La planification et la mise en oeuvre de la supervision formative au Honduras; Étude de cas 4 (pages 28-30) : Des stratégies novatrices pour la supervision formative en Andhra Pradesh Inde.
    (document total 66 pages, pdf 307 KB)
  • Tough Choices: Investing in Health for Development
    Sergio Spinaci, Louis Currat, Padma Shetty, Valerie Crowell, Jenni Kehler, 2006
    Synthesis of country experiences over three years of following up on the findings of the 2001 report of the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health (CMH). The main challenges that countries have faced with respect to improving health investment planning; policy implications along which the efforts of national policy-makers and planners, as well as development partners.
    (124 pages, 871KB)

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