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  • Health Facility Committees: The Governance Issue
    pdf, 60kb

    Community Health Department, 2004, Aga Khan Health Service, Kenya
    Health facility committees and governance; strengthening health systems: genuine community representation, management capacity, managing revenues, information and quality of services; lessons learnt
    (8 pages, pdf 60KB)
  • Preparing Nurses for Facility Management
    pdf, 442kb

    Community Health Department, 2004, Aga Khan Health Service, Kenya
    Changing role of the dispensary nurse; role of community committee; management functions; training; lessons learned
    (8 pages, pdf 442KB)
  • Building a Dispensary Health Management Information System
    pdf, 347kb

    Community Health Department, 2004, Aga Khan Health Service, Kenya
    Health management information systems in small, local health facilities: need, use, impact and lessons learned
    (8 pages, pdf 339KB)
  • Sustaining Community Based Health Initiatives
    pdf, 932kb

    Community Health Department, 2004, Aga Khan Health Service, Kenya
    Community participation; community health workers; water supply; drug supply; impact and lessons learned
    (8 pages, pdf 32KB)
  • Leading the Information Revolution in Kwale District
    pdf, 873kb

    Community Health Department, 2004, Aga Khan Health Service, Kenya
    Development and implementation of the Health Management Information Systems in the Kwale district of Kenya; prospects for replication, expansion and improvement and policy implications of a national HMIS. Resulted in readily available timely and accurate information, making it possible to respond to problems quickly; more effective targeting of programmes and funding; and more effective disease surveillance.
    (8 pages, pdf 873KB)
  • A Case Study: Integrated AIDS Program - Thika, Kenya
    pdf, 422kb

    2008, MEASURE Evaluation
    Voluntary counseling and testing services; preventing and controlling the spread of HIV and AIDS; strengthen the ability of PLHA to care for themselves and children; improve the well-being of orphans by providing for their basic needs and assisting them in getting an education; decrease stigma and discrimination.
    (23 pages, pdf 413KB)
  • An Assessment of the Service Delivery Capacity of the District Health Systems in Kenya
    Thomas M. Maina and Thomas N. Kibua, 2005, Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR), Discussion Paper No. 075/2005,
    Delivery capacity of District Health Management Boards and District Health Management Teams; ineffective communication between institutions, lack of capacity in planning and management, flawed selection process of the board members, cautious implementation of decentralization; autonomy to engage district health staff; review of public sector rules and regulations to allow decentralization of procurement and financial responsibilities; development of performance indicators; and putting in place transparent criteria for selecting board members.
    (40 pages, pdf 531KB)
  • Lignes directrices pour la mise en oeuvre d’une supervision formative. Un guide point par point accompagné d’outils d'aide à la vaccination
    2003, PATH
    Lignes directrices pour la mise en oeuvre de la supervision formative. Étude de cas 1 (pages 19-20) : La supervision formative au niveau du district suite à la réforme du secteur de la santé en Tanzanie; Étude de cas 2 (pages 21-23): COPE® et la supervision facilitatrice au Kenya et en Guinée; Étude de cas 3 (pages 24-27) : La planification et la mise en oeuvre de la supervision formative au Honduras; Étude de cas 4 (pages 28-30) : Des stratégies novatrices pour la supervision formative en Andhra Pradesh Inde.
    (document total 66 pages, pdf 307 KB)

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