Management for health services delivery


  • Achieving the Twin Objectives of Efficiency and Equity: Contracting Health Services in Cambodia
    Indu Bhushan, Sheryl Keller and Brad Schwartz, 2002, Asian Development Bank
    Government contracting of health services; contracting out; contracting in; recurrent costs; feasibility and potential
    (13 pages, pdf 49KB)
  • Cambodia: Using Contracting to Reduce Inequity in Primary Health Care Delivery
    J. Brad Schwartz and Indu Bhushan, 2006, The World Bank
    Training of NGO managers and national managers; contracting-in and contracting-out; the contracted districts outperformed the government districts in targeting services to the poor, even when controlling for other factors, including differences in expenditure levels, starting values, and demographics;
    (25 pages, pdf 142KB)
  • Scaling up for Better Health in Cambodia
    pdf, 583kb

    Christopher Lane, 2007, World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, Cambodia
    This report analyses the barriers to scaling up health service provision in Cambodia with a view to attaining the health millennium development goals (MDGs). It focuses primarily on financial and administrative impediments, but also considers the extent to which human resources and the institutional framework pose binding constraints to achieving the MDGs.
    (52 pages, pdf 583KB)
  • Tough Choices: Investing in Health for Development
    Sergio Spinaci, Louis Currat, Padma Shetty, Valerie Crowell, Jenni Kehler, 2006
    Synthesis of country experiences over three years of following up on the findings of the 2001 report of the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health (CMH). The main challenges that countries have faced with respect to improving health investment planning; policy implications along which the efforts of national policy-makers and planners, as well as development partners can be directed.
    (124 pages, 871KB)