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  • The Weakest Link: Competence and Prestige as Constraints to Referral by Isolated Nurses in Rural Niger
    Paul Bossyns and Wim Van Lerberghe, Human Resources for Health, 2004, 2:1
    Passive patients, authoritarian attitudes of health staff; fear loss of power and prestige; diminishing referral costs and distance barriers not enough to correct failing referral systems; make referrals visibly worthwhile and for professional upgrading
    (8 pages, pdf 293 KB)
  • Organisation de la qualité: options pour des programmes nationaux
    David Nicholas, 2000, Projet d'Assurance Qualité (QA), USAID
    Organisation de la qualité: Renforcement des capacités et formation, Normes, Conception de qualité, Suivi et Amélioration de qualité. Expérience de divers pays en matiére d’organisation de qualité : Chili (pages 6-8), Equateur (pages 9-11), Niger (pages 12-15), Zambie (pages 16-19)
    (document total 24 pages, pdf 339 KB)

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