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  • Better Outcomes Through Health Reforms in the Russian Federation: The Challenge in 2008 and Beyond
    pdf, 525kb

    2008, The World Bank
    Why invest in health? Why reform health systems? health challenges in the russian federation: poor health outcomes; an aging population; low funding for health; poor efficiency; developing multisectoral actions to address the causes of russia’s health crisis: increasing funding; policy and institutional reforms to enhance efficiency, equity and effectiveness in the health system; centralizing the pooling of revenues; guaranteed package of medical benefits; provider payment systems with incentives to enhance service quality and efficiency;
    (23 pages, pdf 514kb)
  • Economic Consequences of Noncommunicable Diseases and Injuries in the Russian Federation
    Marc Suhrcke, Lorenzo Rocco, Martin McKee, Stefano Mazzuco and Dieter Urban, 2007, World Health Organization on behalf of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
    There is increasing evidence of the two-way relationship between health and economic growth: while economic development can lead to improved population health, a healthier population can also drive economic growth. Two questions are examined:
    • What effect has adult ill-health, in particular NCD and injuries, had on the Russian economy and the economic outcomes of the people living there?
    • If the excessive burden of adult ill-health in the Russian Federation were reduced, what economic benefits could result?
    (89 pages, pdf 422KB)

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