Management for health services delivery

South Africa - Afrique du Sud

  • Setting up a District Management Team: Lessons from Impendle/Pholela/Underberg
    Kwik-Skwiz #5, 1997, Health Systems Trust
    Role of district team, consultation with community and other sectors, lessons from South Africa
    (2 pages, pdf 155KB)
  • The Story of Integration in the Brakpan District
    Kwik-Skwiz #26, 2000, Health Systems Trust
    Advantages of integrating services, essential factors, challenges
    (4 pages, pdf 588KB)
  • Managerial competencies of hospital managers in South Africa: a survey of managers in the public and private sectors
    Rubin Pillay, Human Resources for Health 2008, 6:4
    There is a lack of management capacity within the public sector in South Africa. There is a great need for further development of managers, especially in the public sector. The onus is on administrators and management educators to make available training that is contextually relevant in both design and delivery.
    (18 pages, pdf 154KB)
  • Parliamentary Functions and Reforms and Their Application in Promoting Health Equity in Southern Africa
    Mike Mataure, 2003, EQUINET, Training and Research Support Centre
    Parliamentary reforms and the role of committees; establishing committees on health; the oversight role; promoting equitable legislation; the representative role; the budget process; HIV/AIDS; opportunities and constraints
    (28 pages, pdf 368KB)
  • L'agrément en tant qu'outil d'amélioration de la qualité
    David Nicholas ; 1999 ; Projet d'Assurance Qualité (QA), USAID
    L’amélioration de la prestation de services de santé par l’agrément, l’autorisation d’exercer et la certification, l’expérience zambienne, L’autoréglementation des hôpitaux en Inde, Amélioration de la mise en oeuvre de la PCIME.
    (36 pages, pdf 287 KB)
  • Primary Health Care in Mpumalanga: A Guide to District Based Action
    Dept. of Health, Welfare and Gender Affairs, South Africa, 1996, Health Systems Trust
    Organization and management, community role, integrated PHC, governance of the District Health System, management information, monitoring and evaluation
    (151 pages, pdf 904KB)
  • The District Health Barometer - Year 2005/06
    Health Systems Trust
    The District Health Barometer (DHB) supports district managers with monitoring and evaluation of district performance and with their annual District Health Plans. It translates routinely collected service level data into information that supports effortless interpretation.
    (Website with links to full report or individual chapters)
  • Uniform Patient Fee Schedule for Externally Funded Patients attending Public Hospitals
    Department of Health, South Africa
    Online report.
    The Fee Structure consists of approximately 65 tariffs. The tariffs are divided into two components. One is a facility fee which reflects the overheads of the facility and is reflective of the cost structures associated with level 3 and level 1&2 facilities. The second element is the professional fee, which is structured to reflect costs of health care professionals at General Practitioner, Specialist, Professional Nurse and Health Care Therapist level.
    Details of fees and recommendations

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