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Zambia / Zambie

  • When Scaling Up is the Only Alternative: Experience with Workplace HIV Programs in Zambia
    Mutinta Nyumbu, Rose Musumali Lungu, Simon Mutonyi and Chilufya Mwaba, 2006, John Snow Inc.
    The case study highlights how workplace-based programs matter, strategies and steps used to scale-up and results from Zambia; what worked and lessons learned;
    (8 pages, pdf 982KB)
  • Organisation de la qualité: options pour des programmes nationaux
    David Nicholas, 2000, Projet d'Assurance Qualité (QA), USAID
    Organisation de la qualité: Renforcement des capacités et formation, Normes, Conception de qualité, Suivi et Amélioration de qualité. Expérience de divers pays en matiére d’organisation de qualité : Chili (pages 6-8), Equateur (pages 9-11), Niger (pages 12-15), Zambie (pages 16-19) (total 24 pages, pdf 339 KB)
  • Using Human Resource for Health Data: Health policy and program planning examples from four African countries
    2008, USAID
    Malawi, Côte D’Ivoire, Lesotho, Zambia; HR information systems; action taken based on HR data; HR development; constraints in using data; HR management
    (30 pages, pdf 310KB)
  • L'agrément en tant qu'outil d'amélioration de la qualité
    David Nicholas ; 1999 ; Projet d'Assurance Qualité (QA), USAID
    L’amélioration de la prestation de services de santé par l’agrément, l’autorisation d’exercer et la certification, l’expérience zambienne, L’autoréglementation des hôpitaux en Inde, Amélioration de la mise en oeuvre de la PCIME.
    (36 pages, pdf 287 KB)
  • Zambia Pilot Study of Performance-Based Incentives [pdf 950kb]
    Rebecca Furth, 2006, Operations Research Results. Published USAID by the Quality Assurance Project
    Findings from a 12-month study of the effects of financial and non-financial awards on staff motivation and health facility performance; non-financial awards were more motivating and influential on facility performance than financial awards. Findings stress the importance of strong leadership and performance management systems as requisites for successful performance-based incentives programs
    (50 pages, 929KB)

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